Social Media Ad Critique


McDonald’s is a brand that’s just about as recognizable as water, it’s everywhere and it’s inevitable. It’s one of the world’s most recognizable brands. When it comes to social media, McDonald’s has done a fairly good job of keeping up with the trends and styles of social media. The fast-food restaurant has stuck behind clean, simple advertisements when it comes to both TV and social media. Along with their simplistic approach, more importantly, is the emotional element added. McDonald’s draws a connection with those viewing their ads through the “emotion” that is showed in the individuals in their advertisements. When looking at a photo or video from one of McDonald’s social media accounts (be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) the people featured show positive emotions; happiness, joy, pleasure, fulfillment, etc. This with the simple designs used, creates a great product to place on any social media platform. However, one aspect that McDonald’s has failed to conquer is connecting and interacting with those on social media. As we have learned, social media is about an interaction between the source and the receiver, and McDonald’s, as a large global corporation, could do a better job of reaching out. On sites like Twitter, while McDonald’s has 3.3 million followers, they have relatively low “Like” and “Retweet” numbers, compared with other fast-food corporations social media. McDonald’s could fix this, possibly, by being more active on twitter with user based promotional post (AKA just retweeting a picture of someone’s McDonald’s hamburger).



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